A jobless guy applied at Microsoft as a cleaning service. After a test(cleaning toilet, etc.), the HR informed him that he's got the job and asked for his email address for the letter of appointment and other documents.

The guy said "I don't have a computer, leave alone an email address". The HR then informed him that without email address he virtually does not exist, so Microsoft cannot employ him.

Disappointed, he left the building. He had only $10 in his pocket.

He then went to a nearby market and bought 10Kg of potatoes. Then he went to the neigbourhood and sold the potatos door to door. After two hours, he managed to sell all the potatoes at 100% profit. He repeated the exercise again and each times he gained 100% profit thus doubling his capital.

He realized he can survive this way.

He seriously got involved in this business. With some variety of commodities(creativity) plus hard work he managed to expand his business.

He then bought a car for distributing the stuff. Within 5 years, his business become a giant door-to-door market service wherein people could buy fresh vegies and fruits at their doorstep.

The guy then started to think about his future and his family. He wanted to buy an insurance for himself, so he called on an insurance agent. After sales agreement, the insurance agent asked the guy,his email address for future contacts.

He replied "I don't have a computer, leave alone an email address".

The insurance agent then said "That's very pathetic. You own a giant business, but yet do not have an email address. Imagine what you can do if you have a computer and an email address".

The man answered "I would have been a Microsoft's cleaning service guy".

Lessons to learn:

1. Without Internet or email, you still can survive and become a millionaire if you work hard.

2. You need an email address if you want to work in Microsoft.

3. Because you received this email, there is a higher chance that you become a cleaner rather than a millionaire.