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 Name:    vasukareliya
 Comment:    2-6-2009 @ 18:04 

Mandiro me hath jode jate he,
Masjido me hath felaye jate he,
dosti hi ek jazba aisa he,
Jaha hath jode ya felaye nahi,
Milaye jate hai.....


 Name:    shambhu
 Comment:    20-11-2008 @ 05:54 

nice service please keep it up

 Name:    gourav
 Comment:    8-4-2008 @ 17:53 

i like this site and p[ls send me ur intraday call tips

 Name:    kanika
 Comment:    26-1-2008 @ 07:17 

have a good collections of sms

 Name:    dhiraj
 Comment:    22-1-2008 @ 15:14 

wajood na hoto hasti kis kaam ki maza na hoto masti kis kaam ki yaad aapki aaye aur hum SMS na kareto ye dosti kis kaamki

 Name:    ajim
 Comment:    18-1-2008 @ 09:22 

this is very good websit for me . and i also give informetion about my friends
thanks to help as

 Name:    mmodi4ever
 Comment:    8-1-2008 @ 23:57 

it is very usefull

 Name:    Chandrasekhar Bandyopadhyay
 Comment:    25-12-2007 @ 08:40 

very useful to me

 Name:    nainesh
 Comment:    28-11-2007 @ 16:50 

its a very good side i have earn lakhs of rupees

 Name:    waqar munawar
 Comment:    17-11-2007 @ 14:48 

very very good service

 Comment:    2-11-2007 @ 12:17 


 Name:    surbeer singh nashad
 Comment:    2-11-2007 @ 12:06 

Dost hota hai dil wo jan lotana kiliya...
Hum apni kushi bajta app ko pane kiliya..
Bat karna kaliya app ko forsat nahi......
Hum SMS karta app ko pane kaliya


 Name:    sameer
 Comment:    1-11-2007 @ 20:32 

please tips on the intra day for fore coming days

 Name:    prateek
 Comment:    28-10-2007 @ 12:12 

beautiful r ur eyes,bt dey kil me wid evry luk,beautiful is ur voice,bt it hurts me wid evry word,& beautiful is ur luv,bt it steals my hrt evryday!

 Name:    Amar
 Comment:    9-10-2007 @ 02:48 

site is cool i like all the collection hope that site will be more better to all

 Name:    Kamal
 Comment:    28-9-2007 @ 11:13 

 Name:    Kamal Shrestha
 Comment:    28-9-2007 @ 11:08 


 Name:    shihab
 Comment:    28-9-2007 @ 00:32 

the best

 Name:    sangita
 Comment:    13-9-2007 @ 16:28 

 Comment:    13-9-2007 @ 14:07