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Two hearts make frienship, many hearts try to break that friendship, but making or breaking depends on the level which that two hearts beats for each other. sengupta (36421)
10Qualities a friend must have: Cute as crocodile. Smart as donkey. Active as turtle. Fit as hippo. Matured as monkey. Sincerity like dog. No doubt you are my good friend  aisha (29095)
Beautiful friend & beautiful thought are rare to find out.. I m lucky to find such a beautiful friend whose beautiful thoughts always fill my mind.. Bony (27686)
Life gives Strange twists sometimes, sum1 u trust very much hurts u & sum1 u never bothered much stands by u. so nvr judge any1 by 1 mistake..! rajender reddy (25604)
Two hearts make frienship, many hearts try to break that friendship, but making or breaking depends on the level which that two hearts beats for each other. sekhar864 (24496)
"there is nothing to gain in the friendship without help & good habitations,if there is anybody want to gain anything which makes to doubtful frienship,that is not atrue friendship." dhan (21501)
remember the day when we first met? Not knowing each other.. Not wanting to know.. Not even a smile.! Then we started with a blank smile.Then we started with HELLO! Then bcum hi .. Then loose, crack and all.. Shared our day, hours, seconds then we made castless with our thoughts . Moved mountain with our dreams. Today i wanna tell how much u mean to me. LONG LIVE OUR FRIENDSHIP Priyanka (19276)
If I get a chance 2 go 2 Moon,My great wish is I will draw ur face on de Moon So that through out the night ,wherever I goI can see ur face raviteja (19260)
Sangeet sunkar ayaan nahi millta, Mandir jakar Bhagwan Nahi Milta, Pathar to log is liye pujte hai, Q ki Vishwas k layak insaan nahi milta. NAGENDRA (19248)
Dosti k panno se bhari kitab ho tum, rishton k phulon mai gulab ho tum, kuch log kehte hai k dost sache nhi hote, un logon k har sawaal ka jawab ho tum kunal (19234)
Dil se liya 1st D Love se liya 2nd O Rose se liya 3rd S Geet se liya 4th T Sathi se liya 5th I To laisi lagi hamari DOSTI!! SAM SETHIYA (19222)
Stars have setelled & moon will shine, Frndship matures as a lovely wine a very lovely nite 2 a frnd of mine ajay (19182)
Friendship is a sun, which rises, Only when your heart has set on it Friendship is a throne, on which you can sit, Only when you share your kingdom with it.  shahir (19145)
The Joy Of Being Friends Is Pleasurable, Even When Everyone On Earth Forgets U, Remember, Here Is One Who Forgets Everything, Just To Remember U ? ?  shahir (19144)
Jise dil ki kalam or mohabat ki ink kehate hai.jise lamho ki kitab or yaadon ka cover kehate hai. Yahi woh subject hai jise log Friendship kahate hai.. prafulla (19133)
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