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Why the sun sets and rise every day ????Socho socho !??So that u can wish good morning and good evening to your loving ones! Team SMS (18967)
In the morning I do not eat because I think of you, at noon I do not eat because I think of you, in the evening I do not eat because I think of you, at night I do not sleep because I am hungry. Team SMS (18536)
I luv MUMBAI bcoz she is like mother to millions. After all a mother is called MUM in English,BA in Gujarati &AI in Marathi. Why worry MUM+BA+I. Team SMS (18484)
Apni Saaso Ko Rok Lijiye,Dil Ki Dhadkano Ko Thaam Lijiye,Dil Ki Gehraai Se Mera Naam Lijiye,Bas Ab Normal Ho Jaiye Aur Apnaa Kaam Kijiye. Team SMS (18409)
Why do women wear watches on their right hand and men on their left hand?To see the time!! Team SMS (18262)
Welcome 2 mobile Marriage Bureau:Rishte k liye 1 dabaye.Mangni k liye 2 dabaye.Shaadi k liye 3 dabaye.Aur 2nd shaadi k liye 1st ka gala dabayie Team SMS (17437)
The difference betwn COMPLETE & FINISH... When u love the right 1 u r COMPLETE & When u love the wrong 1 u r FINISHED! Team SMS (16982)
Never blame a girl coz she teaches well than any1 elsewhen she is with u she teaches how to live When she leaves u she teaches how to survive Team SMS (16948)
Testing Ur BLOOD Pls wait. III 33% IIIII 66% IIIIIIIIIIII 100% Complete! Result: "HIV" H: Honey I: In V: Veins Thats why U r so SWEET Team SMS (16828)
BALANCE SHEET of Life:Birth- Opening. Balance. Death- Closing Bal.Soul- Fixed Asset.Brain- F.D. Heart- Current Asset.Idea- Current A/C.Achievment- Capital.Character- Clossng. Stock.Friends - Gen. Reserve.Behaviour-Goodwill.Patience - Interest Earned.Love- Dividend.Children- Bonus. IssueEducation-PatentsWisdom-Investment.Exp.- Premium A/C.WISH YOU A HAPPY NEW FINANCIAL YEAR Team SMS (16756)
Samundar jitna Mkt, Nadi jitna Turnover, Talab jitna Expenses, Balti jitna Bad Debts, Lote jitna Profit.Happy March End.... Team SMS (16721)
Har Jgah Toofan Sa Aaya He Jise Dkho Lab Pe 1 Hi Naam Chaya He Jb B Msg Tone Bajti HeTo Log Bolte HLagta Hai " " Ka Msg Aaya HE Team SMS (16583)
Don't marry the one u want to live with,but marry the one u can't live without Team SMS (16419)
Let This Month Be:M:MagnificientlyA:AdvantageousR:RichlyC:Celebrative &H:Harmoniously HappyHve a Masti Bhara March Team SMS (16418)
God Askd me "WhAt did u eArn in ur Life Till 2dAy ?"I jus Replied-I'll Surely eArn a few teArs 4m d Eyes of A person reAding this Msg, Team SMS (16371)
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