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Na jagte hui khab dekha karo Na chaho uase jise pana sako Pyar kaha kisika pura hota hai Pyar ka pahila Akshar adhura hota Hai Ankush (37236)
Fallen Flowers cannot climb back, So do not think about the past, Love the present, Live for the future with a beautiful and sweet smile. Siddhant Agrwal (37057)
Happiness is like a butterfly, u run after it, it keeps flying away. If u stand still it comes & sits on ur shoulders. Wish u the most happiest moments! jyoti basu (19268)
It feels gud 2 stand on ground n watch up high as u aim But it feels BEST to stand up high n others watch U as their Aim. Team SMS (18719)
If u fall,donít see the place where u fell,but, see the place where u slipped "Thatís the way to be successful person.MY BEST WISHES Team SMS (18702)
Time is always with the kind of people who have the courage to fly.Not with the kind of people who stand on the ground and watch the sky!!MY BEST WISHES Team SMS (18699)
A wish is just a wish. A resolution is just a resolution. But, goals have deadlines & are stepping stones down the path, the stair-case to your dreams. Gud luck Team SMS (18616)
Losing in Life & RegAining wAt u Lost mAks u d Most confident persn bcoz u r no more AfrAid of Losing As now u reAlis ur Ability 2 regAin.BEST WISHES Team SMS (16819)
Winners have dreams,Losers have schemes!Winners see the grains,Losers see the pain!Winners see the potential,Losers see the past..BEST WISHES Team SMS (16375)
No1 Ever Won a Game of Chess by Taking only Forward Moves.Sometime U have 2 Move Backward 2 get a Better Step Forward.That's also in life..BEST WISHES Team SMS (16328)
If We Fight, We May Not Always Win.But If We Don 't Fight We will Surely Lose.Faling Down is Not a Defeat,Defeat is When u Refuse 2 Get Up.BEST WISHES Team SMS (16237)
Nothing can b Changed by Changing d Face but Everything can b Changed by Facing d Change.!Go ahead with confidence.Life is YoursBEST WISHES Team SMS (15896)
:Luck is not in ur hands. But work is in ur hands. Ur work can make luck But Luck can't make ur work. So always trust urself than ur luck! Team SMS (15721)
Future is nt somthng u Await! Its smthng u must CREATE! Plan ur future in ADVANCE coz tat is were u wil spend the REST of ur LIFE:best wishes Team SMS (15706)
Whatever we do, we must remember our aim at evry moment . If you dream to fly with eagles, don't waste time In swimming with ducks. Team SMS (15361)
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