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As this year is coming to an end, I wish to thank people who have touched various walks of my life in their own different ways. THANK U Team SMS (11834)
Thanksgiving Day will soon be here It comes around but once a year If I could only have my way, We'd have Thanksgiving every day. Team SMS (11832)
Thanksgiving Day comes, by statute, once a year; But, for an honest man, it comes as frequently as The heart of gratitude allows. Happy Thanksgiving! Team SMS (11831)
Thanksgiving is nothing if not a glad and Reverent lifting of the heart to God In honor and praise for His goodness. Happy Thanksgiving! Team SMS (11830)
Who does not thank for little Will not thank for much. Remember to be thankful for everything you have! Happy Thanksgiving! Team SMS (11829)
I am so grateful that I have you all with me on this Thanksgiving Day Team SMS (11828)
Thanks so much 4 being there on my side nd supporting me all through. Without u my life wud hav been incomplete. Love Team SMS (11825)
On this Thanksgiving Day, I wish 2 say that I m honored 2 hav u in my life. Thanks for loving nd caring 4 me. Team SMS (11824)
Wishing u all the season's happiness ths heartfelt wish can bring! Happy Thanksgiving! Team SMS (11823)
You are the most special person in my life. You are my friend, philosopher, guide and lot more. Thanks for coming in my life. Team SMS (11822)
"Without Thy sunshine and Thy rain We could not have the golden grain; Without Thy love we'd not be fed; We thank Thee for our daily bread." Team SMS (11821)
May be u donno me, May be u never noticed me sitting on last bench May be u hv beaten me sometime But still we love you teacher… Thankyou being their for us all the time Team SMS (11820)
Space SeeMs Like An EMpty Word, But Its Full Of Special People Around Caring Endlessly. Thank You For Being A Part Of My SPACE Team SMS (11819)
You treated me like your family member. Thank you very much anyway Team SMS (11818)
Thanks for being my friend Thanks for thinking about me Thanks for care about me Thanks for everything you did for me You shouldn't have But I'm so glad you did Team SMS (11817)
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