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Best relations do not need terms conditions and promises,They need only two wonderful person 1 who can trust and other who can understand. HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY ANITA (30906)
i am a little bird sitting at ur windows waiting for the first ray of sun will touch ur eyes and i can tell u HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY. Harihar (22939)
I know friendshp is hard to keep,but even if it gets harder i wont give up., bcoz if its hard 2 keep U,it will be harder 2 find U again.HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY Team SMS (14697)
Love is blind,but friendship closes its eyes.HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY Team SMS (14660)
I like d world bcoz u live here. I like d wind bcoz it touches u.I like the sun bcoz it shines on u.I love God bcoz,He made u as my SWT Frd.HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY Team SMS (13550)
A Bond Of Luv, Medal Of Trust, Shouldr In Sadnes, Hand In Darknes, A Spl Relation 2hold, A Ear Wer Secrts Can B Told Is D Magic Frendship!!.HAPPY FRIENDSHIPDAY Team SMS (13466)
Frendship is like a glass A scratch on any side will reflect on other side too So always handle feelings carefully Bcoz the scratches can't be repaired.HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY Team SMS (13366)
To hear what is unspoken, to see what is unseen, to feel without even touching is the miracle called "FRIENDSHIP"…HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY Team SMS (13269)
Life is blank page.Each friend holds a pen & writes their own STORY in every1's life.Thanx 4 covering some wonderful pages in my liFE.HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY Team SMS (13201)
This's al abt Dad.!A person who makes his unsuccessful dreams 2b a successful one in ur life.. Behind our every cheers,wil be his tears. Team SMS (13195)
Alone i can only say,but 2gether v can shout.Alone i can only smile but 2gether v can laugh.Alone i can only live but 2gether v can celebrate.Thts frndship.HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY Team SMS (13086)
Being a frnd is not just sharing a joke,a conversation,a cup of coffee or a funny storyIt means sharing an honest n true part of urself.HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY Team SMS (13034)
Apun ki dosti_bole to Apun aag tu ghee,Apun milk tu tea,Apun aasman tu tara,Apun janwar tu chara Apun exam tu cheat Apun Munna tu Circuit.Happy frndshp day. Team SMS (13025)
Friendship isn't abt becoming somebody's perfect best friend..its all abt findin someone who helps you become the best person u can be…HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY Team SMS (13024)
Friendship is wonderful relation which needs nothing in this world except 2 pure hearts to share,luv, play,enjoy,fight, support & to live..HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY Team SMS (13020)
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