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One lady: Did U Know Tht "Lions" have Sex 4 to 6 Times a Night ?Second Lady: Damit..Pehle Bol Nahi Sakti Thi, I just Joined the "Rotary"! Team SMS (15851)
Chemistry ki class me.Sir ne ek ladki sepucha-What is nitrates? Ladki ne sharmate huej awab diya, my nite rates r higher than day Team SMS (15101)
What is Fashion Designing? Too many Brains Working On Too Little Clothes With Too Many Little Ideas On How To Cover Too Little Areas!! Team SMS (15068)
Q : Why do Doctors always advise Heart patients to have sex only with their own wife ? Ans : Because there is no risk of excitement...! Team SMS (14847)
SAAS:Aane do bete ko,aaj use baith k samjhaungi tumhari kartut BAHU:Koi faida nahi SAAS:Kyu?BAHU:Q k aap BAITH k samjhaogi Aur mai late k. Team SMS (14711)
Q: What is the difference b/w a person who is committing suicide and a virgin?A: One is trying to die....... the other is dying to try! Team SMS (14477)
Difference between Good girl & bad girl Good girl Open a few buttons in hot atmosphere but bad girl opens all buttons to make d atmosphere hot. Team SMS (14433)
A boy pulled a girl into room,locked the door,putoff the light,pulled her 2 the bed,dragged her in 2 the blankt n said "see mynew radium watch" Team SMS (14429)
Girl: Tumne mujh mein aisa kya dekha jo tume mujse pyar ho gya?Boy: Darling! Abhi kuch dekha kahan hai? Dekne ke liye hi toh pyar kiya hai! Team SMS (14120)
TeacheWhat should be in a book to make it a best seller?Pappu: A girl on the cover and no cover on the girl. Team SMS (13855)
Judge: You are Accused of RAPE, so u r Fined Rs.11461, Man:Mylord why exactly Rs11461? Judge:Rs.10000 for Rape4% VAT, & 10.2% Entertainment Tax. Team SMS (13420)
What is the similarity between a mobile phone and a wife?Ans- U like them when they are new. Always u like others thing. U have to charge them at night. Team SMS (13153)
College Girl At Fee Counter - Sir, Meri Le Lo !Sir- 2 Min Ruko. Aram Se Le Lunga.Girl- Are Jaldi Le Lo, Fir Nahi De Paungi, Mere Period Shuru Hone Wala Hai. Team SMS (13116)
:A beautiful girl goes to Professor cabin&says i will do anything 2 pass in d exams& professor saysOK OPEN UR......Books & Study Team SMS (13006)
Notice in aSex Magazine library -'While reading,Please hold the magazine with BOTH hands'... Team SMS (12925)
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